Friday, October 2, 2009

“The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”

This is one of my favorite quotes and it comes from Mark Twain. I find this title to be very fitting, being that this is the first entry I have sat down to write since May 8. It sometimes becomes difficult to devote and/or find the time with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially during this past summer in which transition, long nights at the workplace and finding that special someone were all involved. I am sure taking a four-month hiatus from my blog was not exactly the best way to attract new followers. Whether you are a New York Rangers fan or you find great joy in seeing them criticized on a regular basis, I feel you will thoroughly enjoy and maybe even need this blog for your own personal amusement. However you choose to look at it, I am certain you will find some sort of entertainment value in reading this.

With that being said, we will dive right in and get down to business. Honestly, is there any other way when it comes to hockey? I think not.

What did this organization do? Well, the good news is that they did not sign Mats Sundin. They also didn’t sign Brian Gionta in order to try to elevate Scott Gomez’s game.
In fact, Montreal stole that plan after acquiring Gomez in early July for winger Chris Higgins and a couple of prospects.
Along with the signing of Higgins came a big contract for oft-injured unrestricted free agent Marian Gaborik and a bunch of role players to fill out the roster up front.
On defense, the only thing they seemed to add was more questions. Freshmen Matt Gilroy and Mike Del Zotto will start the season as the team’s third defensive pair behind last year’s inconsistent tandems made up of Redden, Rozsival, Staal and Girardi. Obviously, there are questions up and down the Blue Shirt’s roster and star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist will have to be the backbone until some of the many questions surrounding this team are answered.

At the very least, we know they will be more entertaining to watch under head coach John Tortorella and his hard working fast-paced system. Torts has put this team through a grueling training camp as he promised to do at the end of post season play last year and the results should show seeing as how there was some questions surrounding the team’s overall conditioning last season under former head coach Tom Renney.

Therefore, with that said, I will wrap this up since we are about an hour or so away from the drop of the puck. I think it is going to be a different kind of season in many ways. Although, much like in the past few seasons this team will have to work for earn every inch of success that they achieve.
While there are questions and doubts, hard work and perseverance are, two things that every hockey team need to possess in order to be successful and have a chance at hockey’s greatest prize.
This team will have to work harder then their opponent, want it more, and leave it all out on the ice 82 times this season if it wants to have a chance at any type of success. It will not be an easy season by any means. I for one would not want it any other way.

So get your Rolaids ready kids! It is time for another season of hockey. Let’s go Rangers.

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